Sto. Tomas flood in pictures

Since I am far away from home, I have no updates whatsoever on what is happening in the town. I don’t know whether the floods have receded and by how much. I only know things based on what gets reported on the news and handed down to me via social networking sites, primarily Facebook.

Here’s the latest picture I got from a friend on Facebook showing the condition of San Vicente Elementary School.

Another whole album is from another person from Facebook who tried to rescue people using a banana boat and jetski to get to the people. The series of photos also showed the condition of the road going to Sto. Tomas, Pampanga from San Simon exit of NLEX as well as some rather unusual means of transportation. The album seems to be set to ‘private’ but I will post some of the pictures here.

Here’s a picture of one of the rescuers:


A wide range of unusual transportation modes are available to the Thomasian during the floods. You can either ride a truck

…a boat

…or a loader!

Even in the flood still is persistent over the town, I do hope that people will be able to overcome this challenge. Personally, I think that the Tomasino is made of better stuff. He’s strong and flexible at the same time. We will cope and we will overcome!


Another photo shared from Facebook: this road is the Minalin-Sto. Tomas Road and this is the waiting shed near the street going to Mesalipit. No time stamp though but based on the comments, waters aren’t receding and rain still pours every once in a while in the area.


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